Usługi Transportowe Przewóz Osób Jerzy Kostrzewa

Kostrzewa (Kostrzewa) Ostrówek-Kolonia ()

List Of Vehicles

No. Registration Plate Name Built Year Of Get Year Of Remove Scrapped Modernization Still Owned? Previous Owner
LBI G017Autosan H9-211989?NoNoLink
LLB 17670Setra S215 HR198920102020NoNoLink
LLB 12825Setra S215 UL19922009NoYesPKS SzczecinLink
LLB 12826Setra S215 UL199320092019NoNoPKS SzczecinLink
W-041628Mercedes-Benz 614 D1993201220182018NoNoLink
LLB 22696Setra S215 UL199420112019NoNoEmstal Reisen Bad EmstalLink
LLB H164Mercedes-Benz 609 D1994200120182018NoNoLink
LLB 25012Mercedes-Benz 814 D / Auwärter Teamstar Kombi19962012NoYesDe Zonnestraal HeersLink
LLB 22299Mercedes-Benz 614 D / Denolf&Depla Evidence19972011NoYesLink
LLB 31362Mercedes-Benz 412 D19982013NoYesLink
LLB 18929Mercedes-Benz 814 D / Auwärter Teamstar Kombi19982010NoYesMeixner Neunburg vorm WaldLink
LLB 25014Mercedes-Benz 412 D / Auwärter Super Sprinter19982012NoYes? GöppingenLink
LLB 42535Autosan H9-21.4120002016NoYesPKS Strzelce OpolskieLink
LLB 24668Mercedes-Benz 411 CDI20022012NoYesLink
LLB 43834Mercedes-Benz 416 CDI20032016NoYesTewes Reisen BorgentreichLink
LLB 3C20Mercedes-Benz 416 CDI20042004NoYesLink
LLB 4S48Mercedes-Benz 416 CDI20062006NoYesLink
LLB 10811Mercedes-Benz 518 CDI20092009NoYesLink
L1 1367Mercedes-Benz 519 CDI / SprintCar MB Sprinter20132017NoYesLink
LLB 37474Mercedes-Benz 519 CDI20142014NoYesLink
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