Ferrovie Autolinee Regionali Ticinesi

FART (FART) Locarno ()

List Of Vehicles

No. Registration Plate Name Built Year Of Get Year Of Remove Scrapped Modernization Still Owned? Previous Owner
K-MV 4026Neoplan N4026/3??2011NoNoLink
42EB 3969 BBMercedes-Benz O405198719872010NoNoLink
40PB 7547 MKMercedes-Benz O4051987199720102016NoNoLink
83LM-VM 163Neoplan N4007199319932009NoNoLink
20WKZ HP80Mercedes-Benz O5501998?2018NoNoLink
53TI 311953Neoplan N2081999NoYesLink
21GWE 99154Mercedes-Benz O5302001200220122016NoNoLink
25TI 313725Mercedes-Benz O530200520052017NoNoLink
26SB-13-HKLMercedes-Benz O530200520052017NoNoLink
23SB-13-VORMercedes-Benz O530200520052017NoNoLink
24SB-13-VOSMercedes-Benz O530200520052017NoNoLink
22TI 126522Mercedes-Benz O530200520052017NoNoLink
6TI 54806Solaris Urbino 1820072007NoYesLink
2TI 45702Solaris Urbino 1820072007NoYesLink
7TI 49507Solaris Urbino 1820072007NoYesLink
8TI 41508Solaris Urbino 1820072007NoYesLink
81GC 575 EASolaris Urbino 10200820082020NoNoLink
82TI 229182Solaris Urbino 1020082008NoYesLink
86TI 229186Solaris Urbino 1020082008NoYesLink
83TI 229183Solaris Urbino 1020082008NoYesLink
87TI 229187Solaris Urbino 10200820082020NoNoLink
85TI 229185Solaris Urbino 10200820082020NoNoLink
84TI 229184Solaris Urbino 10200820082020NoNoLink
80TI 229180Solaris Urbino 10200820082020NoNoLink
32TI 63832Solaris Urbino 1820092009NoYesLink
9TI 67909Solaris Urbino 1820092009NoYesLink
10TI 59610Solaris Urbino 1820092009NoYesLink
11TI 59611Solaris Urbino 1820092009NoYesLink
31TI 63831Solaris Urbino 1820092009NoYesLink
30TI 63830Solaris Urbino 1820092009NoYesLink
MAN NG323 Lion`s City G20182018NoYesLink
P27 00P23Solaris Urbino 8,9 LE20202020NoYesLink
17EV 908 PNMercedes-Benz O405??NoNoATRAL Latina Link
91TI 90391Mercedes-Benz O408NoYesLink
47EV 905 PNMercedes-Benz O405N2??NoNoLink
42GA 805 JYMercedes-Benz O55020112020NoNoSchmit SchierenLink
93TI 125593Mercedes-Benz O408NoYesLink
18TI 53418Mercedes O550NoYesLink
16EV 907 PNMercedes-Benz O405??NoNoATRAL Latina Link
48EV 904 PNMercedes-Benz O405N2??NoNoLink
Number: Number of Vehicles:

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